Korundi House of Culture in Rovaniemi

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Korundi House of Culture is a space for art and people in Rovaniemi, Lapland. It is home to Rovaniemi Art Museum and Lapland Chamber Orchestra; a place where the world unfolds from a northern perspective. Art creators and art lovers, celebration and the everyday, history and the present all come together in Korundi.Every visit to Korundi is a first. Changing exhibitions and unique concerts are a constant source for inspiration, astonishment and enlightenment.

Korundi House of Culture feeds not only the mind but also the body: Korundi Kitchen & Café is a fresh lunch restaurant, an atmospheric art café and an enchanting meeting spot. Our ample buffet lunch fuses northern ingredients with warm spices of the world. The colourful collage of flavours presents a range of alternatives for everyone from soprano to bass. 

Korundi shop offers a charming selection of arctic art and design. The high-quality local products make unique gifts and souvenirs. Korundi Shop is open during opening hours. 

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Korundi House of Culture

Lapinkävijäntie 4, 96100 Rovaniemi
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