Teivo Harness Racing Track

Teivo harness racing track is center of harness racing and a versatile venue. Legendary Tuesday harness race days are on the roll almost every Tuesday. Highlights of the harness racing season are Saturday’s race days which we organize five times in year.

Teivo harness racing track is more than just a race track. It’s a top experience venue that has restaurants and rentable meeting rooms for every need. Teivo's staff takes care of good food, drinks and guidance. In race days, you can experience Day of a Trot Player or Day of a Harness Racer and in the stable area you can get to know the horses and their daily life.

In the main building of the Teivo harness racing center, there are rooms of different sizes for different needs of companies and associations. The facilities are suitable for trade fairs, exhibitions (public hall 600 m2) as well as for seminars, trainings, meetings and parties (restaurant and conference facilities for 10 to 500 people). The house also has full restaurant and on-site services. There is space for up to 1000 cars in the parking areas.

Teivo is also a lively training center where more than hundred horses are trained every day. Teivo has an own trotting school, Teivon Ravikoulu, where we teach adults and kids to drive and take care of horses.

Teivo offers lots of experiences, encounters with a horse, driving lessons, well-being on work days, courses and camps, pony birthdays and activities for example bachelorette parties.

Lunch restaurant Trotter is serving buffet lunch on business days from 10.30 am to 2 pm. Lunch restaurant Trotter is located downstairs in Teivo’s grandstand. There is plenty of parking space in front of the restaurant and a direct view to the track.

Teivo's biggest trotting competition is the Kriterium for 3-year-old standardbreds and 4-year-old Finnish horses, which takes place in early October.

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