Hiking Tour to Montell's Mountain Hut in Levi

Duration 5 hours

Your guide will pick you up from your accommodation in the morning and drive you to Vuontisjärvi Lake parking area, where your adventure begins.

After a short walk, you will come to a trail running along the lake shore. The fells are visible on the other side of the lake, covered with Arctic bearberry bushes that burst into beautiful bright colours during the autumn. The wide gravel path climbs from the forest through fell birches to the open fell area. Watch for the miracles of nature as you ascend the slope. You might see meadow buttercups and heath spotted orchids flowering beside the trail. Hikers on Lapland’s fells are pampered by a gentle, soothing silence.

The cozy Montell’s Hut is in a small valley sheltered by the round tops of the fells. Montell was a passionate botanist, who built this small, now beautifully aged hut as a base camp for his expeditions during the early 1900s. Read more about Justus Montell’s adventures on the sign in the hut.

On the way back you will also visit Raekallio Art Gallery where you can get some coffee and small snacks. Meanwhile, in your coffee break, you can also enjoy of the beautiful paintings made by Reijo Raekallio.

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Suitable experience in August, September, October


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