Norhern Lights Hiking Tour in Levi

Duration 4 hours

Levi is the main gateway to experiencing the northern lights in Finland. We will take you to the top of Kätkätunturi to enjoy panoramic views over Levi Village and its surroundings. The path takes you to Kätkätunturi fell and is 13 km in length. The trail begins from behind Levi Tourist Information close to Hotel K5. The trail is guided with 16 signposts telling humorously of the mating rituals of local animals. The trail leads you to the top of Kätkätunturi fell with its beautiful sceneries to the neighboring fells, swamps, lakes, and forestlands. Admire the steep mountains surrounding you. One of the best spots for panoramic views over the city and aurora borealis is here!

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Suitable experience in August, September, October


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