Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony

Duration 40 minutes

Crossing the magical Arctic Circle has been considered a great achievement for decades. Nowadays, it’s not only possible to cross this mystical line, but one can also make the experience even more memorable by participating in an authentic Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony.

The ceremony takes place directly in Santa Claus Village, Rovaniemi, in a traditional Lappish hut with a warming open fire in the center. The guests are seated around the fire to enjoy the magical atmosphere while sipping hot juice made from Lappish berries. The ceremony is led by a master of ceremonies, who shares enchanting stories about Lapland - the atmosphere is magical, even exotic. To commemorate the ceremony, each participant receives a certificate of participating in the Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony.

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Santa Claus Reindeer Oy

Joulumaantie 13, 96930 Rovaniemi
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