Ashtonish Wilderness Sauna Experience

Duration 5 hours

Glass roof sled is a heated sled pulled by a snowmobile. Our destination is in Loukinen river.

After that we will go to our Vellamo Cabin that is around 10 km away from our BaseCamp. In our Vellamo Cabin we will have a break, located 10 meters from the river. There you can go to the coldest water after the sauna!

This tour is completely safe and easy to enjoy, it will offer you a chance to disconnect next to the wildlife. This old forest offers perfect hiding places for small and big birds. We have been feeding them the whole year, so you get a chance to explore wildlife more near. Also you might find a lot of different animal tracks, for example, rabbits, foxes, squirrels, willow grouse, deer, mooses, and more!

This sauna has an extent history where has been a refugee cabin for civilians during WW2. Therefore, after was transformed into a sauna in the most traditional way. And now has been moved next to the river to enjoy the hottest and coldest experience in once!

Where in Finland ?



Suitable experience in January, February, March, April


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