Ice Fishing Like a Finn

De 45 €
Durée 3 heures

Have you ever wondered how the Finnish people get through the rough, dark winter? It’s simple. They go ice fishing.

Join us for something truly Finnish: an ice fishing trip to the frozen lake. We make our way across the ice like Finns do, then it’s time to drill a hole in the ice and lower the bait. Lay down on the reindeer skin, enjoy a hot drink by the fire we’ve built for you and simply wait for the perch and other freshwater fish species to find their way to you!


2h 30min

What the Tour Includes

Winter clothing (thermal overall, thermal boots, woolen socks, mittens), transfers, guiding, ice-fishing, hot drink and light snack

Où en Finlande?



Expérience appropriée Dans January, February, March, April, December


Apukka Resort

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