Kicksledding to Ice Fishing

Duration 4 hours

To get to private Wolf Lake we need to follow a forest path for 1.5 km on our kicksleds. Then we try our fishing luck on the lake. Typical catch is rainbow trout, however also grayling, white fish and perch are common. Your possible catch will be grilled over an open fire in our Lappish hut and everyone will get a chance to grill reindeer of elk ribs over the fire or we might serve elk burger instead. Before heading back on kicksleds, we will enjoy a special coffee and a sweet bun. For groups with mixed physical shape you can book this tour for the more active ones and sled- ice fishing- ribs tour for those who would find kicksledging too hard.

NOTE: Take an extra layer of clothes to put on for the ice fishing part. You will get warm and maybe sweaty while kicksledging.

This trip requires basic shape. Too demanding for children under age 6.

Where in Finland ?



Suitable experience in January, February, March, April, December


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