Forest Trail Reindeer Safari

From 139 €
Duration 3 hours

Taking a 25-minutes drive from the city center, you will meet your companion of the day, a gentle and loving reindeer. You have a chance to get a reindeer sleigh driving license on a unforgettable trip in the Arctic. You will get basic instructions in reindeer sleigh driving by the reindeer herder.

After the introductions, it is time to go on a one-hour long sleigh ride in the arctic forest. Climb onboard a wooden sleigh, wrap yourself in blankets, and venture into the Arctic forest. The reindeer will take you to the sparkling white forest, and you can enjoy the spectacular sights of the Lappish untouched wilderness as you snuggle in the warm sleigh.

Listen to the soothing, gentle sound of your reindeer softly stepping on the powdery snow as your sleigh glide across the fairy-tale like landscapes. Take an opportunity to lead the reindeer, and obtain a reindeer sleigh driving license as a keep-sake of your trip. After returning from the journey, the reindeer herder will tell you everything about reindeer and their life as you refresh and warm yourself with a steaming drink and gingerbread.

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Suitable experience in January, February, March, April, December


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