Aulanko Grand Villa

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AULANKO GRAND VILLA is located in Aulanko Peace Area next to the lake Aulangonjärvi and suits well for over 100-person daytime events. The multifunctional villa is especially great for 10–40-person accommodation and meetings. The windows give a view over the Aulanko’s lake scenery with the nationally famous granite observation tower rising in the horizon. These landscapes inspired even Jean Sibelius himself. The Grand Villa’s sauna facilities with a large sauna oozing with the wilderness atmosphere and 2 changing rooms are a cherry on top for relaxed and restful socializing! View illustration of Grand Villa area.

Aulanko Grand Villa has been renovated from the ground up in 2017 and has a total area of 350 m2 which is rented for a single group at a time. The 150 m2 main hall can easily be rearranged for the customer’s needs from small meetings to 100-person parties. 9 bedrooms and extra beds give a total of 35 to 50 bed places. The multifunction villa has a 70 m2 sauna facility, a separate sauna, 2 outdoor terraces and 2 atmospheric designated campfires. Also, a large kitchen is available since cooking amongst friends is a great way to spend time.

In the main hall, seating at long tables is standard for about 50 people. In addition, the couch groups of the main hall can accommodate up to 25 people and there are additional chairs and tables for about 25 people that can be arranged by the customer in the main room as desired. This will provide seating for about 100 people.

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Aulangon-Heikkilän tie 168, 13270 Hämeenlinna
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