Wilderness Survival Tour (Winter)

From 52.5 €
Duration 3 hours

Experience the wild Taiga forest and what the Lapland wilderness has best to offer. On this tour, you will feel the peace of the arctic nature, hike through the snowy forests, and learn about your surroundings and some basic survival skills.

This safari will take you out of Rovaniemi, straight into the Taiga forest and its beautiful nature. Accompanied by your guide, you will explore the beauties of Lapland forest, learn more about the trees, plants, their properties, wildlife. You will also be taught how to use your surroundings to make a fire and some other basic survival skills.

Once you arrive at the start you will be given a brief on safety instructions and what to look out for. The Wilderness tour has different levels of difficulty depending on your ability, your guide will discuss this with you upon pick up and between you, the best route will be decided.

The Wilderness Survival Tour is a very special opportunity to those who wish to wander into the forest to try and get a glimpse of the spectacular and elusive Finnish wildlife and natural beauty of Lapland. This tour is also intended to be very educational : your guide will share with you their knowledge and passion about nature, and teach you about the secrets of Finnish nature as well as some basic survival skills.

The tour operates all year round, with specific features attached to each season. In the winter time, you will enjoy views of huge snow drifts, white trails and frozen trees, with very cold temperatures that may drop down to -30C! In January especially, the wild and beautiful forests look as if they are straight out of a fairytale! You will learn about the footprints you find around you in the snow. It’s a shame the brown bears will be sleeping as they have a very impressive paw print. But not to worry as we still have the chance of passing tracks made by wolves, lynx, wolverines, moose, reindeer, weasels, Arctic hare and many more.

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Suitable experience in January, February, March, April, December


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