Autumn Icelandic Horse Riding Trek in Levi

Продолжительность 2 часы

Autumn here in Lapland is very beautiful. Nature is glowing in different colours and in the evenings dark sky might be covered with Northern Lights. In October we'll normally have the first snow. You are warmly welcome to ride with us to the forest. A two hour Icelandic horse trek. The horses are small, cute and charming, yet strong, tough and sure-footed. Icelandic horses are often mentioned in Icelandic sagas; in days gone by, they were used as Vikings' warhorses, and were greatly respected. Icelandic horses have five gaits: walk, trot, canter, pace and a special one called 'tölt'. 'Tölt' is a pleasant and smooth gait perfect for trail riding.

No previous experience is required for the trek, as our good-natured, gentle horses can also take beginners safely into the forest or on the fells. Maximum weight for the riders is 95 kg.

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