Mänttä Club

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Mänttä Club provides accommodation, a custom restaurant as well as meeting and catering services. Stylish, uniquely furnished rooms each include a story – from basic accommodation to luxury rooms. Each room is unique. Some rooms can accommodate 1-2 extra beds, making them ideal for family use. Mänttä Club provides accommodation for 38 persons. In Mänttä Club, there are also facilities in many sizes for meetings and festivities.

Mänttä Club was built in 1920 and was designed by Valter and Ivar Thomén. The purpose was to use the Club as a facility for festivities for G.A. Serlachius Inc. The valuable history and the present day meet at Mänttä Club with a sense of style known around the world. Also our kitchen cherishes tradition with a cosmopolitan dedication, and we take into consideration the secrets of classical cuisine with a modern touch.

If you wish, we will provide the whole package with all additional activities.

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Mäntän Klubi Oy

Tehtaankatu 33, 35800 Mänttä
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