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Nagu marina is one of the busiest in Finland and sometimes humorously known as Finland’s St. Tropez.

Nagu village is packed with shops, restaurants, beaches, and events. The St. Olav fieldstone church is definitely worth a visit. The church dates from the 1440s and you can see the oldest existing Finnish language bible from 1642. The maritime museum, beside the church, has exhibitions about shipping and the local history association’s yearly exhibition. Don’t miss the quieter southern harbour with local products and shops as well as the self-service farm kiosks throughout the area.

Take your picnic basket filled with goodies and explore one of the many nature paths in Nagu, for example, troys town in Finby, Westerholm’s culture path or Nagu Teddy’s own path for the family’s youngest near Framnäs beach.

Nagu is a dream island for active people, in addition to the hiking and cycling paths, there are kayak tours and yoga on the beach. Ferries connect Nagu to the most popular islands, one of the most visited is Själö with its fascinating history as a leprosy colony and mental hospital.

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Kyrkbacken, 21660 Nagu
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