Walking with Reindeer

Duration 30 minutes

Enjoy the beautiful days of summer and autumn on a lovely walk with Santa Claus’s reindeer! During this relaxing 15-minute-long walk you will have a glimpse of the Finnish nature while getting to know the reindeer better. On the route you will cross the magical Arctic Circle together with the reindeer and get an official Arctic Circle Crossing Certificate as a concrete memory of it. After the walk we will enjoy some juice by an open fire while taking in the fascinating atmosphere of Santa Claus Village. Lastly, we will visit a nearby reindeer fence, where you can feed and pet our charming reindeer while our guide tells you more about the reindeer and reindeer herding. This tour is an unforgettable addition to your holiday in Lapland!

Where in Finland ?



Suitable experience in June, July, August, September, October


Santa Claus Reindeer Oy

Joulumaantie 13, 96930 Rovaniemi
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