Naurava Lohikäärme Information Centre of Prehistory

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The information centre of ancient history, the Naurava Lohikäärme (Laughing Dragon in English) is located in downtown Eura. In the center visitors of all ages are welcome and interesting experiences abound. Familiarize yourself with the items and clothing reconstructed on the basis of archaeological excavations, such as the ancient dress of a lady of the house or a man’s cloak.

You can try your hand in the prehistoric handcrafts, such as looming with a warp-weighted loom or spinning thread with a spindle. Various interesting multimedia-presentations will sweep you into the life of a person in the prehistoric times.

The shop sells high-quality items related to prehistory, ranging from jewellery to books.

The information centre of prehistory is open daily during summertime, although not on Mondays and not on holidays. In other times, it is open from Thursday to Saturday.

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