Snowmobile Safari from Kilpisjärvi to the Three-Country Cairn

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Do you want to learn how to drive a snowmobile? Or do you already have snowmobile driving experience and wish to practice your skills with us in Kilpisjärvi?

You can drive a snowmobile alone or share it with a partner so that one of you is the driver and the other sits as a passenger behind the driver. If you are two or four persons on this trip and everyone wants to drive alone, the passengers can also be seated in the guide's snowmobile sledge.

Before departure you'll learn the driving technique and get familiar with our safety rules during a thorough briefing with the guide. The tour departs from the village center in Kilpisjärvi.

The tripoint is located in the wilderness and it is not accessible by road. It is at the edge of Malla Nature Reserve which is the oldest protected nature area in Finland.

During our tour you’ll travel across the frozen Lake Kilpisjärvi and you are surrounded by stunning scenery in every direction. A couple of stops are made on the way so you can stretch your legs, switch drivers and take in the views.

A break is made at the border mark and you can stroll freely on the territory of each country. No border patrols or passport control here. When you walk around the cairn you visit three countries and two time zones in less than a minute!

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