Savutuvan Apaja - Saunas and lakeside jacuzzis

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Our log built saunas breathe the days of past and peace of nature. An evening at our lakeside saunas in good company, a small bite of our sauna snacks and a swim in the lake.

Our three separate saunas are suitable for up to 70 bathers. Towels and accessories are provided.

Savutuvan Apaja is a unique place to organize dinner and sauna events. On the island of Haapasaari, a protected natural reserve at the heart of lake Päijänne, Savutuvan Apaja offers a stunningly beautiful setting for our guests.

Our three, unique dining halls are suitable for events from 10 to 200+ guests. In addition to good food and saunas we organize memorable events.

- Savotta sauna

- Traditional Smoke sauna

- Torppa sauna area with two lakeside jacuzzis

Our saunas have Authentic Finnish Sauna Experience Nature -certificate.

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