Lake Lohjanjärvi and Lohjansaari Island

Lake Lohjanjärvi is the largest lake in southern Finland. The nature surrounding Lake Lohjanjärvi is unique and well known from its scenery and well-kept fishing waters to its birds and forest grove. Pikeperch is the most common fish in the lake but pike and trout can also be found. The biggest pikeperch caught from Lake Lohjanjärvi was over 12 kilos.

In the middle of Lake Lohjanjärvi there is Lohjansaari Island. The Island is famous for its apple orchards and thousands of apple trees, which are filled with the delicious fresh apples in the autumn. Beside the apple trees, the Ciderberg Apple Winery also welcomes visitor to apple wine tasting.

Other local treasures can be found in the islands farmers market that is held every Saturday in the summertime. On Lohjansaari Island, you will also find an old mystic oak tree in the middle of a beautiful forest. This Paavola oak tree is also among the TOP10 most Instagrammable places to visit in Finland according to Visit Finland.

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