Traditional Finnish smoke sauna

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Relax in the heat of a traditional Finnish smoke sauna that is big enough for 20 people.

Smoke sauna isn’t an ordinary sauna that almost every Finn has in their home. Smoke sauna is such a unique experience, that even many Finns haven’t tried it.

Smoke sauna is a very dark place with its walls and roof covered in soot. In smoke sauna, during the heating process the smoke rises from the sauna stove and travels through the whole sauna to the chimney. The heating of the smoke sauna takes more than 7 hours! For the heating, a large amount of metre long firewood is used. There are 1300 kg of stones in the sauna stove which is made of natural stones picked from the land of the family farm. In the darkness you can feel the soft heat on your skin and smell the wonderful, rich smoke.

The crown of the sauna experience is to take a refreshing dip into the nearby lake, also in winter time. There is also a jacuzzi next to the smoke sauna, where you can relax watching the starry sky. The sauna facility has two dressing rooms and two showering rooms.

Niemilomat takes you in the midst of peace and quiet in the middle of nature. Niemilomat is located at a cape surrounded by lake Saimaa, which is what Niemilomat is also named after. Come enjoy the pure nature and an environment that is well taken care of.

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