Lokkilinna Glass Iglu experience: Luxury of the Arctic Nature in Rahja Archipelago

Från 190 €

From autumn until summer, the iglu is located in Rahja Archipelago in a very private location, about 10 kilometres from the reception. Guest will be guided to the iglu.

The accommodation includes the overnight stay for two, guided commute to the iglu and breakfast in a basket. Some additional treats may be applied according to the season. This product is available from the beginning of January until the end of May or from the beginning of September until the end of December.

Iglu's heating and lighting are adjustable. Equipment: double bed, kitchenette, fold-down dining table, cool storage space for food, toilet, coat rack, wifi connection, radio, phone charging station, speakers and USB connection.

Customers will be guided from Lokkilinna to the iglu starting from 2 pm according to the agreement. The check-out is on the day of departure at 12 noon.

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