The Museum of Lohja

The Lohja Museum, founded in 1911, is situated near the medieval church, in the cultural-historically valuable vicarage area. In addition to the main building that dates to the 1860s, the museum area includes many buildings among the lush, green park areas with old oaks as well as a beautiful garden with apple trees.

The yard is divided into two parts, the yard for men and the cattle yard. The yard for men is dominated by the main building designed by August Boman. The standing exhibition of the main building describes e.g. the Lohja manor culture. To the right of the yard for men is the curate‘s (auxiliary parson) building from 1780.

There is a summer café in the other end of the building. The home of the estate steward separates the yard of men from the cattle yard. The interior of the building presents living in the countryside from the beginning of the 1900s to 1930. A typical working-class dwelling from 1940s and 50s is presented in the other end of the building. There is a collection of carts and sleighs from the Vaanila manor in the attic of the barn.

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