Paavola Oak Tree Guided Tour

Från 155 €
Varaktighet 2 timmar

Paavola Oak Tree - Paavolan Tammi - is mentioned to be the most beautiful tree in Finland. It is situated in the middle of a fascinating fairy tail forest in Lohja. This old oak tree became a grand celebrity in social media after it was mentioned in a blog. The Paavola Oak Tree was one of the most instagrammable tourist attractions in 2018. So come and meet the superstar of Lohja!

The tour includes guiding, coffee and bread roll, transportation for 1-3 persons and beautiful views.

The duration of this guided tour is 2 hours and it is available in English.

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Virve Haahti the Guide

Kirkkokatu 1 , 08100 Lohja
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