Culture in Nature in Arctic Lakeland 5 days – Wild Taiga

Varaktighet 5 dagar

lying upon arrival Helsinki-Kuopio, upon departure Kuusamo-Helsinki

This tour from Lakeland to Lapland combines the highlights of Finnish summer. The evergreen taiga forests are one of the best areas in the world to watch and photograph rare, wild carnivores safely in their natural environment, accompanied by fully trained wilderness guides.

The local everyday culture and way of life lie at the core of the destination, with the close relationship with nature constituting a strong dimension. The deepest roots of Finnish culture go back to the national epic of Kalevala. The tradition of Kalevala lives and thrives today with a cultural offering consisting of the world-renowned chamber music festival, charming locally arranged events, activities and places to visit, especially in Kuhmo, the UNESCO City of Literature.

The location right beside the eastern border has made areas also places of significant historical interest with its battlefields. The exhibitions of the Gateway to Raate and the Winter War Museum tell of the different phases and equipment of the war in a captivating way. The surrounding area includes many reconstructed battle fields and their monuments from the Finnish Winter War.

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