Vuokatti Chalets

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VUOKATTI CHALETS – Holiday apartment

The Chalets holiday apartments were built in stages from 2009 to 2014. The diverse services of the Sports Institute, such as the O’las restaurant, cafeteria, swimming pool and indoor and outdoor exercise areas serve Chalets customers all year round. You can get directly from the yard area of the Sports Institute to the ski trails in the winter, or in the summer to hiking routes and jogging paths.

2-4 person holiday apartment, 45-54 m²:

Two-person bedroom, kitchen/living room, its own sauna, drying closet, balcony. In the alcove, there is a bed that 120 cm wide and above it a bed that is 80 cm wide.

4-6 person holiday apartment, 61-65 m²:

Two bedrooms with two separate beds in each one, a combined kitchen/living room, where there is a sofabed (possibility of additional beds for two people). Its own sauna and a balcony.

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