Old factory workers’ chamber Telakan Kammari

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Telakka is an old factory workers’ house made of logs, that has been transported to the beautiful cape of Niemilomat. Originally Telakka was used as a storage room for a boat and in summer time it was a venue for weddings. In 2018 Telakka was transformed to accommodate staff. The other side of the building was put to use as a chamber Telakan Kammari that is available for guests.

Telakan Kammari is a cozy summertime log chamber for four people as a part of a semi-detached house. The chamber can be booked even for a longer stay, since there are cooking facilities as well as a bathroom with shower in the Telakka building.

The size of the chamber is 30 m². In front of the chamber there is a garden tent for the guests’ own use, where it’s possible to enjoy the surrounding beauty of nature. There is a free Wi-Fi in the chamber.

Guests also have access to the common lakeside sauna and a rowing boat. Pets are welcome to Telakan Kammari.

Niemilomat takes you in the midst of peace and quiet in the middle of nature. Niemilomat is located at a cape surrounded by lake Saimaa, which is what Niemilomat is also named after. Come enjoy the pure nature and an environment that is well taken care of.

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