Husky Sledding Experience in Kilpisjärvi

Från 90 €
Varaktighet 90 minuter

Meet the Kilpisjärvi Husky Team! Siberian huskies are friendly and they just adore pulling a sled – that’s their hobby and that’s their work!

You and your party can now learn how to be a ”musher”. Meet your guide Martti, the owner of the husky team, on the lake shore. Martti will teach you how to control the sled – and before you know it you’ll be off, “mushing” the husky team, heading towards the Swedish shore. The others in your party will follow you by snowmobile, seated comfortably in the snowmobile passenger sled while the guide drives. As a musher you are on your own with the huskies, each person in your party taking his or her turn as the musher. A youngster can be seated in the husky sled while the parent drives.

At the turn-around point a break is taken and you’ll have a chance to get acquainted with each husky – they are so eager at the start that longer introductions may not have been possible. A hot berry juice is served during the break. The ride itself lasts approximately one hour and 1 – 4 persons can be accommodated at a time.

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Passande upplevelse i January, February, March, April, December

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