Best things to do in Spring

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While winter in Finland remains a popular time to visit, spring in the bustling pearl of Northern Europe is full of beautiful adventures.

Spring in Finland traditionally starts in March, reaching well into mid to late May. It is a season that brings along warmer weather and a delicious bloom of green as the snow melts and nature awakens. People come alive after the long winter, and events, such as Easter and Vappu (1st of May), mark the approaching summer season.

Here is a list of some of the top things to do in Finland from March through to May.

Hit the slopes in the spring sun

While one must admit that the winter season in Finland holds a special type of magic, spring on the slopes is something exquisite as well! The ski season in Finland is long, lasting until mid-May in Lapland. The season of warmer weather brings a possibility of long ski days spent leisurely lounging in the sun.


The ski resorts are known to hold their slopes open and the cross-country skiing tracks can still be found in great condition. One of the more curious elements of the Finnish spring ski season is also the sudden appearance of great parties. While Ruka and Levi ski resorts are known to host spectacularly fun 1st of May Labour Day parties, even the more quiet and quaint locations such as Pyhä, will offer possibilities for festivities. Après ski in the spring sun is huge among the locals and should not be missed. If you’re looking to dance your ski boots off, head to Tahko in the eastern part of Lakeland.


Cross-country skiing is a popular spring activity. offers the latest info about the condition of tracks around the country.
The ski season in Lapland lasts typically from November till April. In the spring, the skiing days are long and sunsets mesmerizing.

See nature come alive on a hike

Typically, the signs of spring start to show in late March in Southern Finland. When describing the Finnish spring, it is hard to avoid exaggerated words – so strong is the pull of the warmer season. The snow starts to melt, forests around the country start waking up offering ever-warming and drying locations for healing nature walks and hikes. Forest bathing is another pastime loved by the locals. In Helsinki, one of the most beloved signs of spring is the blossoming of the Roihuvuori cherry tree orchard.

Go birdwatching

Every spring nearly 250 summering species of birds return from their long winter journeys back north to Finland. The sound of the birds is a wonderfully blissful reminder of nature becoming alive. The town of Kuusamo can be regarded as one of the best in Finland with expansive birding taking place in the magical taiga forests. A birding trip to Kuusamo can target a wide range of key European species from eastern to northern ones. The Coast and Archipelago region offers enthusiasts the possibility to observe Charadriiformes, which live near water, and can be spotted in the coastal areas and archipelago of the Baltic Sea. Even the greater Helsinki area offers fun birding in locations such as the Old Town Bay, Viikki, Lauttasaari and Laajalahti in Espoo – all easily accessed by public transport. Read more about bird watching at 

Spot the Northern Lights

Did you know that spring is one of the best times to see the Northern Lights? The season for this magical phenomenon is particularly long in Lapland where Northern Lights are most visible from the end of August to April. While many associate Northern Lights with the darkness of winter, autumn and spring are actually the most active seasons. According to research, lights are visible every second night – when the skies are clear – so there is a possibility of seeing the aurora putting on a spectacular display roughly 200 nights a year. In order to guarantee a show, hiring an aurora guide or joining a tour is recommended. Alternatively, booking accommodation in glass huts will increase chances of waking up to the Northern Lights. Or even staying up the whole night not to miss the performance of a lifetime! Read more about sleeping under the Northern Lights in our article.

Go explore the opening seas at Coast and Archipelago

As the weather gets warmer and the seas open, the islands in the world’s largest archipelago come to life. But with one exception: locals are few and visitors even fewer. Springtime in the coastal region of Finland remains an uncovered gem! While many of the islands can be visited year-round, spring allows for some serious peace and quiet for those looking to be in awe of the robust Baltic Sea. Year-round accommodation can be found, for example, on the islands of Hailuoto near Oulu, Utö in the Turku archipelago, the Åland Islands and Barösund, an island near Inkoo. Located in the heart of the archipelago, only an hour's drive from Helsinki, The Barö is an ecologically built, high-class hotel offering a unique accommodation experience in the middle of the ruggedly beautiful coastal landscape.

The Marjaniemi lighthouse is the most famous landmark on the island of Hailuoto.
The hotel rooms at The Barö are great examples of modern, Finnish wooden architecture.

In case of bad weather, explore arts and Finnish culture

While we would love to guarantee sunny skies during your visit, predicting the weather can be tricky, especially during the spring. If it happens that the weather gets unpleasant, fret not! Finland offers a wonderful array of cultural experiences from internationally acclaimed museums to interesting local galleries. In Helsinki, the don’t miss the likes of Ateneum Art MuseumAmos Rex, the Design Museum and the Didrichsen Art Museum. If you are traveling in Lakeland, the Serlachius Museums near Mänttä are a must-see. For architecture lovers, we recommend taking a guided tour in one of Alvar Aalto’s many iconic buildings, like the Säynätsalo Town Hall in Jyväskylä or Villa Mairea near Pori in Western Finland.

Visit a sauna, naturally

In case of travel fatigue, Helsinki offers a wide range of saunas from the charmingly local Sompasauna to the fancier Löyly. A modern seaside sauna with a stylish, glass-walled restaurant and large deck with incredible views into the archipelago, Löyly offers a well-deserved break for any passenger. Why not have a delicious drink in the spring sun surrounded by the world’s happiest people? We bet they are all enjoying a plate of salmon soup, taking in the spring bloom. Read more about other must-visit public saunas in the Helsinki region in our article.

HEJEJEJThe terrace at Löyly offers the perfect place for cooling down after sauna. You can even take a dip in the Baltic Sea!
One of the most famous dishes at the restaurant in Löyly is traditional salmon soup offered with dark, Finnish rye bread topped with butter.

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